Feng Shui Predictions for 2013: Truth In Humor

by Linda Varone on February 8, 2013

Chinese New Year is a time for horoscopes and predictions for the new year.

The Water Snake year  means big transformations, just as the snake sheds its skin so it can grow. In the past Snake years have coincided  with Pearl Harbor and the Fall of the Berlin Wall.

Cartoon illustration of Chinese astrological water snake The Feng Shui Index is a humorous and helpful guide to 2013.


The Feng Shui Index brings fun to the predictions for the coming year. Created by CLSA – Asia’s largest brokerage and investment group, the Feng Shui Index is a humorous riff on the Hang Seng Index of  the Hong Kong stock exchange. Even though humorous, recent Feng Shui Indexes have been accurate in predicting the Hang Seng Index.  The Feng Shui Index for 2013 mixes astrological insight with really bad puns “Let’s not get the chart before the bourse…” If you know your Chinese Zodiac animal you can see how the year will unfold for your health, finances, romance and career.

Click here to read the CLSA article and to get a  FREE download of the complete Feng Shui Index guide.

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image by CLSA

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